Muaythai 4 Everyone is open for everyone, from beginners to fighters, and is a great way to learn Muaythai basics while getting fit n flexible. Just because it’s fun, doesn’t mean we leave out the intensity!. Technique, bag work, light sparring and clinching included in these sessions. 10oz, shin guards and towel are required for these sessions.

Muaythai 4 Fitness sessions are high intensity work out sessions that are low on contact, but high on the exercise component. Along with the Muaythai element to the class, there are also functional fitness segments. They’re designed to burn calories, and have a lot of fun. 10oz / bag mitts and towel are required for these sessions.

Beginners sparring and clinching:  is designed for those want to start putting the pad drills and technique into practice in a controlled environment. It is a soft introduction into sparring and clinching techniques. *Sparring gear required for sparring class: shin guards, 16oz, mouthguard, groin guard.

Muaythai 4 Fighters (invitation only intermediate-fighter) sessions focus on more advanced Muaythai techniques, and involve more contact and fighter based training. Muay Jing sessions revolve around the old saying: “som nuk, chok ngai” (train hard, fight easy!) *Running shoes and sparring gear required. Shin guards, 16oz, and mouthguard.

Open Gym the facilities are open for use of members only during these times to perfect their technique or practice with a partner. If you are not a member, a fee will be charged for use of the facilities.

Private Lessons are a great way to get some added attention or fine tune your technique. We have a number of spots available with either Andy or Thai champion Singpayak. Whether it’s a full 1 hour session at $70 or a quick half an hour hit out for $40, contact us on 0433713833 or ask at the gym.

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