Muaythai 4 Ladies

Have you always wanted to start muaythai but were worried about all those big smelly men training beside you? Or maybe you just want to get out with the girls and try something different? Our Muaythai 4 Ladies classes are for you!

PTJ Muaythai Gym hosts women’s only Muaythai 4 Ladies classes for ladies just like you. Why not try something fun, while getting fit and learning to protect yourself at the same time.


These classes are run on Saturday mornings at 9:30 – 10:30am and are hosted by a female trainer for females.

What’s in a Muaythai 4 Ladies Class?

A Muaythai 4 ladies class usually consists of skipping, assisted shadow boxing / techniques, partner drills, pad rounds and some core fitness exercises. Contact is very light.

Equipment Required

Comfortable clothing to work out in, a towel, boxing gloves of any size, shin guards. If you don’t own any equipment, don’t worry, you can borrow ours to get you started, and we have a fully stocked pro shop as well.

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