Muaythai Personal Training or Group Training

PTJ Muaythai Gym offers muaythai personal training or group muaythai training options. They are held throughout the day both at the gym or at external sites. Personal muaythai training sessions are a great way to get 100% of the trainers attention in a private session. Private sessions are a good way to focus on fine tuning your technique, improving fitness, or just having some fun letting off some steam.

Group sessions are also available on request. These sessions are a great way for larger groups of people to have fun, build team work, or to cross train away from their usual training regime. They are an awesome off season or rained out substitute for your sports team, or a way for your work team to bond and have some fun together in a closed session.

Prices for private muaythai training sessions with Andrew, Singpayak, Gwang Ngern, or Yolanda

1 person

  • 45 mins: $70/1 session, $600/10 sessions, $1150/20 sessions
  • 60 mins: $80/1 session, $700/10 sessions, $1350/20 sessions

2 people

  • 45 mins: $80/1 session, $700/10 sessions, $1350/20 sessions
  • 60 mins: $90/1 session, $800/10 sessions, $1570/20 sessions

For groups of more than 2 people, please contact us to arrange.

Bookings are essential, so please feel free to book below or contact or 0433 713 833.

Muaythai PT Sessions

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Muaythai PT Sessions

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Muaythai PT Sessions

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Andrew is a former professional fighter who has been involved in muaythai for 20 years. Since opening PTJ Muaythai Gym, he has produced numerous champions and has a passion for all facets of muaythai. Andrew was nominated for Trainer of the Year in 2015,2016 and was awarded an Honorary Degree from the Mor Rachabhat Chombueng University in Thailand, a first for a non-Thai. Andrew has an eye for detail and prides himself in teaching a pure form of muaythai, with an attention to detail, clinch techniques and kicking style. Andrew has limited time to teach PT’s due to his busy schedule but is available at certain times.


Singpayak Mor Rachabaht Chombueng or “Sing” as he is known at the gym is a former World Champion and Bangkok Stadium Champion (Channel 7). Since coming to Australia 3 years ago, Sing is very proficient in English and is a real character of the gym. He is a muaythai “geek” and has a real knack for sharing his wealth of knowledge in his PT sessions. He specialises in technical style (muay fimeu), knee style (muay kao) of muaythai, muay boran, western boxing and functional fitness sessions.


Gwang Ngern Mor Rachabaht Chombueng or “Tom” as he is known at the gym is a former Bangkok Stadium regular (Channel 7, Lumpinee and Rajadamnern) and an active professional fighter. Tom has just moved to Australia and is the winner of a Muaythai Scholarship to learn English and share his knowledge of muaythai. He is a technical boxer (muay fimeu) who enjoys teaching his kicking and elbow techniques. He specialises in technical style of muaythai, footwork and agility work in his sessions.