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The Home of Sydney Muaythai


PTJ Muaythai Gym offers people of all ages and experience levels the opportunity to learn the art of Muaythai (Thai Boxing) in a safe, friendly environment. We have local and 2 full time Thai trainers at our Sydney Muaythai Gym facility. Trainers at the gym are Thailand trained and have had over 15 years experience in the sport, competing and working with athletes at both amateur and professional levels.

We pride ourselves not only in providing world class Muaythai training, but we also believe in creating a motivating environment filled with like-minded people of all ages, and those who are committed to training hard, learning real muaythai and achieving results. We love what we do and it shows in our results. Come in for a free consultation now!


The Home of Sydney Muaythai

Located just off the Victoria Road, Gladesville / Ryde, our newly fitted Muaythai Gym features 350m2 training space, a 6 x 6 meter competition size boxing ring, over 10 boxing bags, K Brand and Raja Thai Pads, Twins Brand Focus Mitts, as well as toilets, showers and change rooms making us the premier Muaythai facility in Sydney. You’ll love training in our facility, but you’ll also love our comfortable waiting area, modern toilets, change rooms and showers to freshen up post workout. We’d love to see you at one of our classes. Pop in and see us before any class for a quick tour.

Here To Help You Succeed


Muaythai Coaches Gladesville and Brookvale

Head Trainer / Owner

Andrew Parnham

Andrew is a former professional fighter who has been involved in muaythai for 20 years. Since opening PTJ Muaythai Gym, he has produced numerous champions and has a passion for all facets of muaythai. Andrew was nominated for

Trainer of the Year in 2013/2014/2015 and was awarded an Honorary Degree in 2015 from Mor Rachabhat Chombueng University in Thailand, a first for a non-Thai. Andrew has an eye for detail and prides himself in teaching a pure form of muaythai, with an attention to detail, clinch techniques and kicking style. Andrew has limited time to teach PT’s due to his busy schedule but is available at certain times.
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Muaythai Coaches Gladesville

Trainer / Professional Fighter


“Sing”, is a former multiple title holder in Thailand who has been with PTJ Muaythai Gym since his first trip to Australia with the Real Hero Muaythai Promotions show in 2013.

Singpayak is a former WPMF World Champion,

Channel 7 Stadium Champion, North Eastern Thailand Champion, as well as a Muaythai College Graduate from Sisaket in Thailand.

Sing has a vast amount of knowledge and is a real character at the gym. He is also what could be considered a muaythai history “geek”, who loves teaching about the finer points of the ancient forms of Muaythai and the cultural aspects such as beautiful Wai Kru /Ram Muay. He has also won numerous awards for his ancient muaythai demonstrations as his pre-fight Wai Kru.

A lot of ex-fighters rely purely on their names as trainers, however Singpayak is truly passionate about passing on his knowledge of Muaythai to anyone in the gym in a fun and interesting way.

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Muaythai Coaches Gladesville

Trainer / Professional Fighter


“Chok” is a former Thai circuit fighter who has been with PTJ since he won a scholarship from the Muaythai College in Thailand to come to learn English and team Muaythai.

Chok is still an active fighter and is current Siam

2 Sydney Stadium Champion and IMA World Champion.

Chok is a genuine nice guy and in such a short space of time has become one of the treasures of the gym due to his loveable personality.

He is a very personable trainer who is a lot of fun and loves to teach fitness, footwork and agility drills associated with Muaythai. He is a knee fighter, so also likes to teach that style which is about walking forward, long knees and breaking down his opponents.

He has a wealth of knowledge will be graduating from the Muaythai College of Rachaburi, Thailand in 2019.

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Muaythai Coaches Gladesville

Trainer / Professional Fighter

Yolanda Schmidt

“Yolo” is a product of hard work, dedication and PTJ Muaythai Gym. Starting purely for fun and fitness, Yolo has since gone on to amass a large array of titles from around the world and has fought and beaten many of the world’s best

women’s athletes.

Not only is she passionate about fighting, she is a passionate trainer who is all about getting results and uses her skills as a qualified teacher to help people get results fast.

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Muaythai Coaches Gladesville

Trainer / Professional Fighter

Jamie Alleyne

Jamie is a current fighter who is has a high attention to detail and is passionate about producing results.

Jamie is one of PTJ’s loved trainers due to his sense of humour, his attention to detail and

insistence on perfection. It could also be because of his funny English accent but we don’t hold it against him.

Jamie is still an active professional fighter who is current WMC State Champion and WKBF Commonwealth champion.

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Come And Find Us


PTJ Muaythai Gym is located in Gladesville / Ryde, NSW, just off Victoria Road. If you are travelling east (towards Sydney) to the gym, simply turn left at Frank Street (Kennard Hire) then follow until it runs into College Street. If you are travelling west (towards Paramatta) turn right at Frank Street (Kennard Hire) then follow until it runs into College Street. Want to come in and tour the facility? Contact us today. Or better yet, come in for a Free Intro Session and see what Muaythai is all about.