What a weekend! After getting stuck in the Friday afternoon grind on the way down out to Orange, and a little pit stop and chat with the local boys in blue, Scott and Junior weighed in on the money at a country pub in Lucknow. Saturday was spent down at the local pools enjoying the 5 and 10m towers, and watching some of the locals doing their daily “mainies” through the streets of Orange… the boys were relaxed and ready to rumble.

With the line up to get into the venue gathering steam well before the 6:30pm kick off, the Conquest show was destined to be a big night out in town for not only the locals, but the PTJ crew that came down to support our boys. It was a great mix of local, Sydney, interstate and international talent on display at the Orange Function Centre, and with the help of an “interesting” MC, the show was underway.


Right from the opening bell, Scott was set on letting his Central Coast opponent know here was in for a long night. Scott show’s some beautiful Muaythai techniques in the early rounds, and maintained his composure and continued to lift the pace of the fight as it went on into the later rounds. Liam’s rib cage was starting to show damage going into the 3rd, and Scott continued to counter Liam’s attacked with numerous thumping right kicks and knees to the body. Rounds 4 and 5 was much the same, with Scott moving into the clinch to try and expose the rib cage and continue to work on Liams ribs with some nicely executed knees.

Result: Scott Wilson, unanimous points decision winner and new Middleweight NSW Amateur Muaythai Champion.


The unassuming Jason was quick to stamp his authority in the opening rounds on Junior, landing some clean punches, and moving in not allowing Junior to use his trademark kicks. Second round was much of the same, however Junior was starting to lift and scored some beautiful take downs. The 3rd saw Jason trying to pick it up even more, however Junior continued to off balance Jason with some clean take downs from catching kicks, and from inside the clinch. In rounds 4 and 5, Junior’s sheer determination to bring home the title showed, and he continued to apply pressure, and started to find his range with cleaner punches and some nice kicks to the body. By this stage the crowd was going nuts, and at times it felt like the whole of Ryde City was in our corner by the noise coming out of the supporters who came down for the show.

Result: Junior Zakarija, split points decision and new Super Middle Weight NSW Amateur Muaythai Champion

For a first time show from one of Muaythai’s nicest guys, Phillip Bennett, it will surely go down as one for the history books, with a good crowd, great line up of fights, and even one of the biggest upsets in Australian Muaythai, NSW boy Joe Concha knocking out QLD hot shot Dane “Daddy Cool” with a perfectly timed elbow.

Special thanks must go out to everyone who came down to show their support, Nathan in his behind the scenes work with the boys, and Muaythai’s nice guy, promoter Phil Bennett. Thanks must also go out to the Westcott’s who hosted an after party to remember on their amazing property out the outskirts of town, and helped send the boys back with some fond memories of Orange.

CONGRATULATIONS BOYS! The hard work’s paying off, and thankfully both boys came away fresh and injury free. Now, time to prepare for the next show in a couple of weeks, REVOLUTION AT THE ROXY, MARCH 10. Tickets now on sale at the gym.